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Ayurvedic treatment helps to eradicate human diseases from root! Dr. Yogesh Bhatambre (M.D, Ayurveda) & Dr. Mrs. Pallavi Bhatambre (M.D, Ayurveda) believe that for chronic as well as common disease & illness if ayurvedic treatment is taken consistently, it helps in curing the patient from the root & preventing its recurrence. Ayurvedic treatment is a boon to mankind and therefore is the best form of medical treatment to get treated for any kind of health illness.

Dr. Yogesh Bhatambre has been successful in treating Joint problems, Liver disorders like Jaundice, Psoriasis, Obesity, Hair loss problems & Digestion problems with the help of Ayurvedic treatment & medicines! Practicing Ayurved since 2007 Dr. Yogesh has treated over 2000+ patients. He is a family physician, Ayurvedic & Yoga consultant & treats all kinds of common illness through ayurvedic line of treatments & medicines. Shree Anantpal Clinic managed by Dr. Bhatambre is also into formulation of Ayurvedic medicinal products (For details click here).

Ayurvedic Treatment & Medication At Shree Anantpal Clinic

• Arthritis
• Spondylitis & spine related problems
• Hepatitis, Liver Disorders & Ascities
• Kidney Disorders & Kidney Stone
• Diabetes & Blood Pressure
• Asthama & respiratory disorders
• Obesity
• Gastro-intestinal disorders
• Cancer & Aids
• Skin Diseases, Psoriasis
• Cosmetic Problems
• Hypertension & Cardiovascular Disorders
• Piles & Fistula
• Gynaec Problems
• Infertility treatment for Males & Females
• Thyroid Problems
• Height Gain
• Memory & Concentration

Line of Treatment at Shree Anantpal Clinic

1) Diet: Complete diet habit & food consumption pattern is analyzed in tune with basic nature of body
2) Life style pattern is studied
3) Appropriate changes are recommended in diet & lifestyle
4) Ayurvedic Medicines are prescribed and provided for treatment
5) Recommending appropriate Yoga exercises to accelerate the treatment
6) Periodic development is monitored to see the effectiveness of treatment & if changes are required in line of treatment

The best part about Ayurvedic treatment is that there is no surgery involved for treating & curing patient’s of piles, kidney stone, gall bladder etc., says Dr. Bhatambre!

Various forms of Ayurvedic Medicines

• Ayurvedic Medicine in Tablets form
• Asavarishta
• Ayurvedic Medicated Oils
• Ayurvedic Medicine in form of Churna
• Googul Kalpa
• Ayurvedic Cosmetics like Lep & face Pack powders

For Detailed list of Ayurvedic Medicine & products click here

Some of Common Ayurvedic Medicines

Sr. Medicine Usefulness
1. Asthikalpa Vati Calcium Supplement
2. Gandharva Haritki Churna Laxative
3. Punarnavastak Vati Anti inflammatory & Analgesic
4. Trifala Guggulu Piles, Weight loss, Anorexia, Joint Pains
5. Kamdudha Ras Antacid & Calcium Supplement, Immuno Modulator
6. Mahamajistadik Kashay Blood purifier, for Skin disorders

Apart from Ayurvedic clinic, Dr. Yogesh Bhatambre also has an in house pharmacy & formulation process for all the ayurvedic medicines. The raw material and the herbs used for medicinal purpose are bought from genuine sources and therefore they are effective in treatments.

Dr. Yogesh Bhatambre is a pharmacy in-charge at Maharashtra Arogya Mandal’s (MAM), Sane Guruji Hospital & Sumatibhai Shah Ayurved College, Hadapsar, Pune!

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